Medica 2022

A lot of old partners reconnected at Medica 2022, and many new potential partners expressed interest in both of our product lines. As more and more people are realizing, 100% patient identification is crucial for patient safety, ArgusID wristbands are becoming increasingly vital and popular. Many people were extremely interested in the SoftBands, particularly the recently released child and infant versions of these.

The Tourni-S pediatric version with a focus on distraction therapy drew a lot of attention, as most visitors could imagine that IV procedures for children can be quite scary. Young children may be easily distracted and feel more comfortable during the process due to the well-thought-out design of the packaging and the tourniquet itself.

Visitors from over 48 different countries visited our booth, so our solutions are definitely slowly but steadily finding their way to remote markets.

We cannot thank all of our visitors enough to pass by our booth and hope to be in touch with them again soon.