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A family-owned business

Siva GroupSIVA is an internationally active family owned business, offering innovative & niche products for Healthcare, RFID/IoT , Car Parking, Amusement & Leisure industries, with strong competencies in product R&D and production.

Our product portfolio includes Patient identification wristbands, Blood transfusion & cardiac monitoring devices, specialty RFID labels & tags for Asset tracking, Manufacturing, Automotive, AVI, People ID and many other specialty products.

Headquartered in Noida near New Delhi (India), with production facilities in UAE & India and Sales & Distribution centres in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, & USA, SIVA employs 400+ colleagues worldwide.

Our hi-tech identity is guided by our vision statement i.e. To achieve and sustain excellence across all our activities. To produce and supply superior quality and services and be recognised as a credible supplier in each of the markets we serve.

“We think of ourselves as a strategic partner to our customers and firmly believe that our success lies in the success of our customers”

Mr. Rajiv Aggarwal
Founder & CEO

Our Production & Sales locations

Siva Group Locations
Siva Group Locations

Vision & Mission statement

We at SIVA aim to achieve and sustain excellence in all our activities,

By producing and supplying superior products and services and be recognized as a credible supplier in each of the markets we serve,

To continually improve our operations and our offerings to meet and exceed customer expectations at all times.

Global Client Reach

Quality Policy

Quality through innovation & R&D

Quality is an attitude. Period !! For SIVA, the first step in achieving quality starts from its people. The continuous nurturing of its employees and providing the right tools required for them to excel, be enthusiastic and motivated. Colleagues who are HEARD to encourage the sharing of ideas and make them feel responsible towards the company. The continuous R&D initiatives which propels the company in using quality materials and invest in the latest machinery and define standard operating procedures(SOP), to not only reduce wastage but also provide for precision manufacturing of products of high quality standards.

SIVA adopts a QRFT approach (Quality Right First Time) approach and considers improvement of quality standards as a continuous process.

CE & ISO 9001:2015 certified

All SIVA locations worldwide are ISO 9001:2015 certified, meaning that our products & services are held to high quality standards. All SIVA products are either CE compliant or CE certified.

Through these certifications, SIVA ensures it has superior business practices and a quality management system that assures quality products & services.

Quality through the customer’s voice

SIVA understands the role customers play in the overall success of our products & services. SIVA listens to its customers to stay on top of their current & future needs, welcoming feedback for new product ideas, product improvement ideas which help in driving innovation and bring about improvements in quality & functionality.

A great way for our customers to trust us as their partner and feel confident & connected to the company.


Operating as a clean industry and as a responsible business, SIVA understands the importance of being conscious about the environment and making choices with future generations in mind.

We want to grow and be profitable but whilst respecting the environment. The policies, products & services are an amalgamation of using RoHS and REACH compliant materials & production workflows that provide for Reduction in waste, Re-use of & recyclability of components & waste material