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SIVA produces a range of waiter order pads, food order pads, bar pads in single, duplicate & triplicate copy formats.

We specialize in products that increase efficiency, improve profitability, enhance security and promote a more enjoyable and satisfying dining experience.

Our wide ranging check pads are suitable forkitchens, restaurants, bars, take-away counters, cafes, tea rooms, hotels and even for general office use.

In addition to our stock range, we also offer custom(bespoke) production of order pads. Our Duplicate and Triplicate books are supplied internationally to Stationery retailers, Cash n Carry and catering wholesale stores.

We offer both with Carbon & Carbonless stationery.

Custom Order Pad Manufacturer

SIVA offers a wide range of restaurant check pads for a variety of applications ranging from restaurants, kitchens, cafes, hotels to home & office use.

Our checkpads offer a simple yet professional option for accurate check drops. They are easy to use and help servers take notes without making any mistakes and also helps improve efficiency and reduce waste.

Our Checkpads range:

  • Single Part Restaurant Check Pads
  • Duplicate with Carbon Restaurant check pads
  • Duplicate Carbonless Restaurant check pads
  • Triplicate with Carbon Restaurant check pads
  • Triplicate Carbonless Restaurant check pads

Key features of our Restaurant Check pads:

  • Sequentially numbered
  • End fold pads available
  • Glued sets available
  • Custom printed pads also available
Custom Restaurant Check Pad
Hospitality & Stationery Product Supplier

SIVA also manufactures a range of carbonless stationery using pressure sensitive paper.

Using pressure sensitive paper in our carbonless range allows to make a copy of the original slip without the need & hassle of using a slip-in carbon paper

The standardized color scheme for carbonless check pads:

  • Duplicate carbonless pads are printed on white paper, with subsequent blue sheets
  • Triplicate carbonless pads are printed on white paper, with subsequent blue and pink sheets

Key features of our carbonless stationery:

  • Neat colorless surface helps to create a better impression
  • Cannot smear or rub off onto hands or clothes
  • No carbon paper to lose
  • Carbon disposal eliminated
  • Convenient to use, saves time of changing carbon paper
  • Space saved due to the elimination of carbon paper
Carbonless Stationery
Custom Carbonless Stationery
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