Eco Friendly Wristband

Eco-Friendly Festival Wristband

EcoDura wristbands are produced using eco-friendly multi-layer plastic laminate construction offering a durable yet soft, comfortable & lightweight solution. Designed to last from a few days up to several weeks makes EcoDura a great solution for hotels camps & events requiring enhanced durability.

A snap closure mechanism secures the wristband around the wrist and breaks-off once opened ensuring the wristband cannot be secured around the wrist again. Without breaking-off the snap closure mechanism, it is nearly impossible to remove the wristband from the wrist except if cut with a pair of scissors. This ensures guests cannot easily transfer the wristbands to someone else.

EcoDura wristbands are tearproof, stretch-proof & waterproof too and can be fully customised with upto full colour digital quality print along with variable data printing like Barcodes, QR codes, customer specific serial numbering etc.

Available in L & wide-face shapes.

Environmentally Friendly Wristbands


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