Bingo tickets, Dabbers & Markers

SIVA offers, perhaps the best quality Bingo ticket in the industry. A common complaint amongst users is the use of poor quality paper and also tickets which are translucent such that printing on the reverse side can be seen through the ticket from the front, reducing the legibility of numbers.

SIVA developed its bingo tickets with first hand market feedback and uses high quality paper that felt premium in the hands and allowed for clear black printing of numbers and crisp coloured borders. With clear legibility, users could read & react to marking numbers much faster and shout out BINGO !!

Our range Tickets and Flyers are available in 75 & 90 numbers and come as side glued or top glued. Stock Bingo tickets are available at all times from our depots in UK & Netherlands. SIVA also produced custom branded Bingo tickets & flyers.

The Jumbo Brand is a Trademark of SIVA Group


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